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Ambernath R&D Centre was Established in 2002 and is part of Solid Oral Dosage (SOD) Organization in the Teva Network. The Site is a Global SOD development site with currently about 144 FTEs and involved in developing diverse SOD for US, CA, EU, JP and IM Operates through Ambernath (R&D), Goa Legacy Actavis (Pilot plant and QC) and Goa Legacy Teva (ARD-QC) sites.

Well-equipped Ambernath Facility: cGMP Analytical Lab, Formulation Development Lab, and cGMP Pilot plant and a High Potent Lab.

Knowledgeable in regulatory requirements for US/EU/CA/JP and IM. Global development mindset and proven record of 278 submissions (original development as well as leverage) and 147 approvals for these markets.

People: Highly qualified employees with almost 85% postgraduates including 12% doctorates with average experience of about 14 years in pharmaceutical R & D.

The site has a dynamic young team with an average employee age of 38 and is aligned with Teva’s strategy and markets requirements.

Strong employee engagement and positive work culture creating an inclusive environment for learning, knowledge, sharing and growth.

Well-equipped Goa pilot plant and the analytical labs which support the submission activity, including stability for most of the projects developed at the Ambernath site.

The team works closely with internal teams from product development to launch and has experience in transferring projects to Malta, Dupnitsa, Jerusalem, Zagreb, Ohio, Jakarta, Davie and Takayama. Projects can be transferred to any manufacturing site in the Teva network. 

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