17 years of operations in India, generating 3500+ direct jobs, strong focus on building manufacturing and R&D capacity, largest Israeli company operating in India

Teva in India

Teva in India is a subsidiary of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., a leading global pharmaceutical company headquartered in Israel. With 9 legal entities, Teva’s activities in India are central to the global company’s manufacturing and R&D efforts and have contributed to building local capacity and capability.

Operating across India for over 17 years under nine (9) legal entities, Teva is the largest Israeli company in the country. Teva’s activities contribute to building pharmaceutical capacity and capabilities in India, while simultaneously playing a pivotal part in Teva's global manufacturing and R&D efforts. The company's footprint in India demonstrates not only the broad spectrum of activities that support drug development, but also the significant professional talent that Teva has been able to attract in India. India plays an important part in the company’s strategy, with its unique combination of a collaborative, innovation-driven environment, remarkable talent pool, huge partnering potential, and scientific and clinical expertise. Teva makes significant contributions to the Indian economy, providing over 3,500 direct job opportunities and substantial economic value through exports.

Beyond the prescription

Large-scale manufacturing capacity and strong R&D focus serving Teva's global supply chain

3 API plants in Gajraula, Malanpur, Ambernath  3 API plants in Gajraula, Malanpur, Ambernath
2 finished pharmaceutical formulation plants in Goa with 7.2 billion units manufacturing capacity  2 finished pharmaceutical formulation plants in Goa 
3 R&D centres in Noida and Ambernath with 900 India-based staff  2 R&D centres in Noida and Ambernath 

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